About CT

Picture of airplane flying through blue sky, a selection of words relating to culture, ancient Roman building.

Thank you for visiting my site.

I’m a freelance translator in County Limerick, Ireland.

I work with French and Spanish to English in the following domains:

  • architecture and interior design
  • aviation
  • cultural material

Being a native speaker of English, I only work into English.

I also deal with general business and legal texts as I have significant experience in same and they are often connected to the above domains. I’ve gained experience in translating many different types of documents through these interconnected areas and other fields I have translated.

With each translation project, I pay great attention to detail,  I am meticulous in carrying out any necessary research and I am careful in my consideration of the nature of the text and the requirements of the client from start to finish.

In order to deliver the best translation possible, I regularly engage in continued professional development (CPD) in the form of different courses, webinars, workshops, not just in the work of translation but in writing and editing skills.  I have also taken mooc courses provided by professionals in the domains in which I work.

I keep my knowledge of the areas I translate up to date along with glossaries I maintain for these domains.

Project Fee

The project fee for translation is dependent mostly on the size, format, nature and complexity of the text, as well as the deadline required.   There is a minimum project fee for all projects, to which the above rate calculation factors are added.


On contacting Corbett Translations, you will be dealing solely with this translator (Anne Maria), so you will know exactly who is handling your translation project from beginning to end, confident in the knowledge that a qualified translator is dealing with your text.

It also makes the translation process and any communication between us – the translator and client – much more straighforward.

So, do you have a translation project in mind that you’d like this translator to deal with?

If so, I invite you to contact me for a free, no obligation estimate and/or more information on my translation service. 

Feel free to use the contact form on the contact page if you prefer, or you can email me at contact@corbettamtranslations.com.


Your contact details and any correspondence details – including your document(s) for translation – will not be shared with any third parties and will be handled with the utmost level of confidentiality.

Freelance Translator - Corbett AM - Co. Limerick