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Welcome to my site.

I am a freelance translator who translates from French, Spanish and Japanese to English.

I also proofread and edit English language texts.


Most of my translation work to date has been technical, legal and cultural translation as well as volunteer translation for NGOs and NPOs.

I have clocked up mileage in various domains on my translation journey.

Most translators will find that a text may involve more than one domain and is rarely a ‘simple’ text.

In my case, certain texts have incorporated law and food science, interior design and advertising, mechanical engineering and e-marketing, aviation and both human resources and international law.

In relation to CPD, I have participated in webinars and workshops in various domains since 2011, but I generally focus on CPD for particular domains of specialisation.

I accept texts for proofreading and/or editing in the same domains but please feel free to enquire about others as I may be able to help you or, alternatively, point you in the right direction.

Rates available on request – they may change depending on the length and complexity of the text and other factors. I charge either per source word or per page for the same reasons.