Continuing Professional Development

My formal CPD efforts, since 2011, have included the following:

– a technical translation workshop
– a webinar in legal terminology given over 3 weeks covering 3 different areas of law – corporate, civil and IP law
– a webinar on translation of international commerce (given in Spanish)
– a webinar on translation of tourism texts (given in French)
– A webinar on translation of fashion texts
– A webinar on translation of medical documents
– a workshop on literary translation, taught by Edith Grossman

– Online courses in my domains of specialisation.

– Webinars on various CAT tools (before settling on the ones I have chosen to use so I watch videos on those when I can)

A lot of CPD happens informally.  You might come across or look up a book/manual/encyclopaedia article or watch a documentary or TV series on a particular subject.   Almost everything comes with multi-lingual instructions now as well and I tend to hang on to those. Everything counts (that said, pay attention to intralingual differences) but formal courses/webinars/workshops are of course important.  They’re even better if they relate to the domain itself and not necessarily to translation of the domain, even if you’re only auditing and do not wish to pay for the course, as I spoke about in one of my posts.

These CPD efforts, formal and informal, along with my translation work to date, previous employment in publishing, retail and administration, and to some extent my personal interests and hobbies, have allowed me to confidently accept work in various and distinct domains but as I say in my home page I try to focus on CPD in my areas of specialisation, while always striving to keep my knowledge (and terminology glossaries) fresh in the domains I have already covered.

I also have training in Audio Description for the theatre (2011), another skill useful in the world of translation and editing.

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