My Specialisations

Oval image depicting an airplane, a collage of words associated with 'culture' and roman ruins (domains translated by CorbettAMtranslations)


Architecture and Interior Design 

Picture of Roman Ruins
  • Architecture, particularly eco design and passive house principles.
  • Interior design and sustainability in interior design.
  • Environmental issues relating to architecture and interior design and general environmental issues.


Picture of an airplane in a clear blue sky
  • Texts of a general and technical nature from the aviation industry.
  • Environmental/sustainability issues in aviation and general environmental issues.

Cultural Material

Collage of words associated with the concept of 'culture'.
  • Texts from the world of cinema and television including news articles relating to these forms of entertainment.   
  • Texts relating to culture, history and society.

Between my specialisations and other domains I have worked on, I have dealt with many different types of documents – business contracts, guidelines, specifications and (legal) regulations, company newsletters, website text, academic writing, scripts, promotional material, and many more.   I am therefore not just at ease with the domains I work with but also with different types of text and registers.

I do not translate official documentation which would typically require legal certification, such as birth certificates for example.

A certified (or sworn, the term used in some countries) translator is recommended for such documentation.

My flight path to my specialisations

Trio of images within a circle - an airplane in a blue sky, a collage of words associated with culture, Roman ruins.

I navigated my way towards this particular set of specialisations after clocking up mileage in these and various other domains on my translation journey and deciding they were the domains I liked working with (and researching) the most.

Personal interests, and to some extent certain previous training and employment, also played a part in my decision.

So, if you would like a translator from French to English or Spanish to English who really knows her domains, I invite you to contact me.

Freelance Translator - Corbett AM - Co. Limerick