Sport – clichés & hyperbole

Congratulations to France on getting the World Cup 2023.  France is an  ideal host, whatever people may think of how they won the campaign. I don’t care where it’s held as long as it’s enjoyable to watch and it usually is very enjoyable.   At least we won’t have any trouble qualifying as opposed to our situation in the world of football.

Speaking of which, commiserations to Italy on not getting into the football World Cup.  Another country ‘licking its wounds’ to quote an Irish rugby sportsman fond of speaking in clichés (speaking of the rugby WC hosting campaign).  It just won’t be the same without them, though it’s not quite the Apocalypse  – and people should put it in perspective in light of the actual disasters affecting us today – climate change, war/refugees/famine, terrorism, etc. Still, I know what football means to Italy so such hyperbole from the press and other media in a football loving country like Italy (where it’s known as calcio) is to be expected I suppose.

In the spirit of soundtracks, mentioned in a previous post,  Valkyrie from Apocalypse Now might spring to mind for Italy.