Marvellously motivated Macron

Drawing on my

motivation which is strong

but not Macron-esque


I’m coming to the end of the CPD course I mentioned a while back which has been useful and informative.  I winged it somewhat with the assignments, just to have something done, but otherwise it has been good.   I am also doing another course which I can do more at my own pace and is more theoretical than I would have liked but it’s about architecture which really interests me.   I have stuck to the decision not to pay for a certificate for either course because even though both have provided knowledge which will benefit my translation work, they have not been as technical-oriented as I had hoped and I don’t feel the desire to fork out money for certificates I probably won’t look at again anyway.

While I am motivated at my work, like all self-respecting translators,  and will gladly do courses in areas that I think will help keep up my motivation, what must it be like to have the kind of motivation clearly possessed by Emmanuel Macron who became President of France yesterday after only forming his party En Marche! last year, and only deciding to go for the Presidency late last year.  Wow.  Congratulations to him.  That’s some motivation!

I think the election went the right way generally considering who his main opponent was and I hope he proves he was worth the outstanding winning margin in votes, even if some of them only voted for him to get in the way of Le Pen.  Whatever about what the other candidates involved (who clearly, along with Macron and Le Pen, weren’t even worth any vote in the minds of the 23% who abstained from voting) think of France and Europe,  France is too big and important a country in Europe to isolate itself like you-know-who would have gone about doing had she won.   She’s not going anywhere unfortunately so he has a lot of work to do to keep her at bay.  En Marche!