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This website has undergone a bit of a transformation in recent weeks.  I wanted to streamline it and freshen it up which I think I have done.   The most important recent inclusion is specifying my specialisations and other areas of special interest.

Translators need specialisations and they choose specialisations in domains that truly interest them and get them thinking (and keep them researching without falling asleep). Translators think about this a lot and, for some, it takes some a while to decide what they want to specialise in.  Furthermore, knowing what not to specialise in is just as important to them.

If they are like myself and need variation and are good at, and enjoy, texts in certain other areas they should diversify a little.  Sometimes these areas might merge with their specialisations which is great, but if not they might have more to think about and they don’t always get much time to do it.  Any good translator will give you an answer as soon as they have had a look at the document.   Of course, the benefit of dealing with a translator who has chosen their specialisations, but can diversify if required, is that nobody’s time is wasted.

My areas of specialisation, and other areas of special interest, can be found under the relevant menus.  Queries for all other domains listed in the translation journey page are welcome.