30th of September 2016 – World Translation Day

Tomorrow is World Translation Day so I thought I’d get my post in now given that it’s already the 30th of September in some parts of the world. 

Really, every day is a ‘world translation day’ given that translators work worldwide everyday for someone else in some other part of the world right?  Also, in some part of the world machine translation is getting something spectacularly wrong!! More about that another day.  Even though I am baffled at why certain things are given an international day or national day and think it’s a bit silly (I mean every day is international coffee day for me as I buy coffee from various countries and drink it every day, more than usual if I have a big translation task to get through!!), this day, in my biased translator’s opinion, should be marked as translation (including interpreting) IS important and essential to everyone.  I’ve learned this as much through my professional translation as through my volunteer translation where the organisations requiring the translation do not have the (same) resources to be able to afford to pay the translators.    I’m glad to do this as it’s a great thing to do.  

So bring on the coffee/beverage of choice and the translation work!

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